Finding Love easily

Some people spend a small fortune looking for love; others find it right in their own neighbourhood. Why are some people searching their whole lives for the same thing that other people find right next-door?

Some of the seekers of love will never find it because their expectations are way too high, so high that it would be impossible for one person to live up to them. Whereas others accept people for who they are, these people are the successful ones when it comes to looking for love.

The people who have set impossible standards have an unrealistic view of themselves. They can't see their own faults and therefore they expect that their chosen partner will be as perfect as they think they are. Nobody is perfect, least of all the person who expects his partner to be perfect.

Finally if this type of person finds someone who they think is up to the standards that they have set they will then continually look for fault in their chosen person, this is their nature. They look for the faults in a person instead of looking for the good things.

If you are looking for love you will never find it if you think that you are smarter than everybody else. Arrogance is not a quality that attracts love, not true and lasting love, in order to find love and make it last you have to put your partner first.

People who can see the good in people and can accept their faults will always find love, a love that will survive the difficult times. They are a pleasure to be around because you never have to worry about them always looking for your flaws.

Ask yourself, is your ideal of the perfect man or woman attainable, are your standards too high, is it possible for the person, or the ideal of a person, to exist. Everybody has flaws and idiosyncrasies, accept them, don't try to change them, you will find that you will be a lot happier in the relationship.

If you follow the advice above you will be able to find that love that you have been looking for, you may even realize that the person you have been looking for lives right next door to you, or is the person at your supermarket who has always had a big smile for you when you approach the register.

When you are lucky enough to find that one person who compliments you, who you can call your other half, don't let that love die. You have to nurture love, you have to keep it interesting.

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