Russian Women – the Boast and Treasure of Russia

Are the daughters of Venus truly the weaker sex? Can they dance side by side with the sons of Mars and even lead at times? The women of Russia have come through a rather unique liberation struggle. Out of the depths of peasantry and from behind the shadow of the iron curtain they've risen to match their male counterparts in literally every discipline. So much so that even the term Russian women brings forth old stereo types. One either thinks of stocky aloof females or striking blond sirens.

This part of the world has demonstrated a unique phenomenon to the world. Women and men can work side by side, match and complement each other in many facets of life. The backdrop of the cold war, territorial wars, invading nations created a distinctive experience. Their heroes and heroines are also crowned with a greater sense of valor. The first female cosmonaut, Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova to loop the earth, an ex-factory worker captured the hearts and minds of her proud fellow countrymen.

The West is more familiar with achievements from the performing arts. The story of renowned ballerina, Anna Pavlova still tugs at heart strings. Not only did she persevere against a limiting physical disability to become a dancer, she single handedly influenced the styles of classical ballet taught in both Russia and Britain at that time. Her final battle with cancer has immortalized her courage and dedication to her art as she preferred not to accept treatment as this would have ended her dancing career.

Modern Russian women have kept the fires of ambition and relentless drive towards achievement stoked. Tennis star Maria Sharapova is more than a celebrity in her home country. She is respected as a heroine by most. This social position and status has been earned by many others as well from various disciplines.

Russia has been celebrating Women's Day proudly for years before it became fashionable in the West. A greater sincerity comes across as a nation collectively reflects upon how much has changed since the beginning of the twentieth century. Through this acknowledgement there are more current role models that contemporaries emulate.

The citizens of Russia are going to be caught up in the struggle for social reform for still some time to come. Both men and women alike are undergoing even more personal changes as they shuffle and try out new social roles in their changing communities. Some women are opting to leave their country of birth to seek opportunities elsewhere in the new world. Others remain and are an integral part of the current reforms.

While the rest of the world moves towards retaining their wealth and culture, the Russians are on a journey of rediscovery. A good part of this rediscovery is actually building anew. Russia's rich history and unity creates a kind of expectancy for something unique and truly indelible.

The passing decades of the twentieth century have created strong hearts and a far better educated female population than in most countries. Will the daughters of the Czars hold their modern families together in the coming changes? The fate of Russian women has been largely unpredictable. Upon closer inspection though, it seems as though fate and karma have decreed that their strength and insights be shared with the world. They are chosen to seed the world with a particular tenacity towards life found nowhere else in the world.


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